The 21st China International Pet & Aquarium Show

The show was successfully taken place in Shanghai National Conventional Center during November 16 to 19.

The show presented the products and categories include:

Aquarium Products
Filter Material/Oxygen Equipment/Heating Bar/Lamp/Filtering Apparatus, Aquarium Tank, Water Plant/Trough Sand, Ornamental Fish Feed/ Ornamental Fish Medicine and Aquarium Tank Scenery-building/Decoration Product

Pet Products
Pet Clothes/Pet Article/Pet House/Pet Toy, Pet Food
, Pet Training Article and Pet Health-care Product/Pet Medicine/Pet Grooming Product

At the same time, championship of stingray, arowana, discus, guppy, koi carp, aquascaping, marine aquascaping were also taken place.

It’s our honest to sponsor to the CIPS International marine aquascaping championship. Mountain Tree Mini ring, Mountain Tree Nitro ring and Mountain Tree Coconut Carbon helped the show going smoothly.

Arawrding ceromany as a sponsor of CIPS International Arowana championship.

At CIPS, Mountain Tree presented customers with our core value-water, your life, your soul, our mission.

Mountain Tree ecology pond filtration and pond.

Mountain Tree ecology filtration attracted many customers’ interests and they dropped by our booth.

Mountain Tree ecology aquarium filtration and koi carp.

Ecological filtration displayed in 3D structure.

Thanks to our Mountain Tree members’ effort, customers are interested and satisfied with Mountain Tree product and its new concept.


Mountain Tree will continue to provide high quality and innovated product for water filtration.


See you next CIPS 2018 Guangzhou!

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