Interzoo 2018 Mountain Tree 2.0

Interzoo – the international pet industry’s leading exhibition

Can not miss Germany more since the last show in 2016. Now this year, we’re here again to meet you at Interzoo.

The representative of Germany Agent Frau Sülzle, Mr. Huang and Ms. Guo

Mountain Tree Germany Team members

Let’s have a quick review of what do we exhibited at Interzoo, 2018

A selective range of filter media for both aquariums and ponds.

Mountain Tree Natural Eco Pond Filter System

Visitors from France, Belgium, Germany, from Brazil showed great interested in the newly launched products. One client said, “It’s amazing to know the product would have such great effects. And I would try it on my pond.”

Mountain Tree Germany team had very professional skills in dealing with different needs from clients. For pond filtration in Germany, even in Europe, we had less knowledge in practical experience, so we’re will hear from what clients said to us.

Clients are satisfied with our show and enjoy discussing with us about pond filtration issues.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing you next Interzoo 2020. Keep following us and find more interesting.