Cloudless skies, soaring temperatures, blazing sunshine, many people in Europe may be enjoying these days thanks to the heatwave. But as it continues, have you ever thought about the impact on your aquarium and fish? Is climate change good or bad? What can you do when temperature rise?

Hot in Eurpoe

What would happen when temperature rise and fall due to climate changes?

  1. Organisms would thrive or die.

Aquatic life might have to adjust its survival to changing the climate. There is a thermal death point for each organism plus a range of temperature that produces optimal abundance. Poikilothermic animals, such as fish, are those whose body temperatures follow closely the temperature of their medium. Temperature influences enzymatic reactions through hormonal and nervous control to digestion, from respiration and osmoregulation to all aspects of an organism’s performance and behavior.some Fish will feel sick in hot

2. Toxic substances accumulate.

Increased water temperature causing toxicities and other physiological interactions to have higher toxicities.

3. Lower rates of dissolved oxygen.

Higher temperatures diminish the solubility of dissolved oxygen and thus decrease the availability of this essential gas. As the level of dissolved oxygen in the water drops, and breathing becomes difficult for fish.

4. Elevated temperatures increase the metabolism, respiration and oxygen demand of fish and other aquatic life, approximately doubling the respiration for a 10° rise in temperature. Hence the demand for oxygen is increased under conditions where oxygen supply is lowered.

5. Higher temperatures militate against desirable fish life by favoring the growth of sewage fungus and the putrification of sludge deposits.High temperature in aquarium

6. Water Shortages.

Water resources are hit in a heatwave by a double whammy: supply goes down just as demand goes up. But as water resources is also limited, changing water is a waste. Then you may need a powerful filtration to help reduce the frequency of changing water.water resources

7. There is an increased possibility of “blooms” of toxic algae, diatoms appear to grow best at 15-25 °, green algae at 25-35° C., and blue-green algae at 30-40° C., but the environmental conditions need to be qualified for multiple habitats.Algae boom when temperature rise8. Good things

Tropical fish is easier to keep than before!Tropical fish is preferable

Ways to cool down

  1. Use chilling machines. Such as air conditioner, cooling fans etc. Use the machine to dispense heat around your aquarium. Improve ventilation in your house.
  2. Plant or put trees around your pond from now on. Shelter from the trees is a good way of getting less sunshine and therefore decrease water evaporation.
  3. Add ice to your aquarium. Make sure that ice is clean.put ice in pond or aquarium to cool down