Mountain Tree 10th Anniversary & Thanksgiving Banquet

On September 28, 2018, we welcomed guests from China and Germany, Malaysia, America, etc gathering together to share the happiness and joy in Regal Hotel in Foshan.

It’s a great honor to celebrate the success with all the clients, customers and friends from home and abroad.

We sincerely express our thankfulness to the people who helped us get there and the one who will keep us in business and celebrating anniversaries for a long time to come.

Many milestones had been achieved, which is an important way to reflect on where we’ve been and reaffirm our commitment for the future- and we all agree that those things are worth sharing and celebrating.

We started 10 years ago in 2008. During the decade, we’ve been through difficult but memorable times with striving mind and thank for those hobbyists, partners, agents, friends and teammates efforts. Thank you again for your support.

Mr. Huang is being interviewed by Ailinshuo, a well-known Chinese magazine

Mr. Huang (the Founder) is giving a speech at the banquet

Founder Mr. Huang says “Keep striving with your initial mind. Work hard with your willing. There’s no shortcut to success.”

Ten years ago, the China aquatic industry was less developed, in terms of products and service were on varies levels of quality. Mr. Huang, as an enthusiastic hobbyist, caught up with the opportunity, aimed at changing the position. Mr. Huang and Mr. He together with a group of same-minded people established the brand- Mountain Tree. Devoting their efforts in providing “ high efficiency, safe and worries free” products and services for all hobbyists. Now Mountain Tree has been a well-known brand in China aquatic industry.

Mountain Tree Team members are at your service

Mountain Tree continuously executes the concept of innovative developments and “chasing best quality”. By providing our selective products and good services, we’ve received countless satisfactions and approvals from among hobbyists and partners.

Guest: Mr. Yang, CEO of Jingang Koi Farm in Shunde, Foshan

Guest: Ms.Dong, GM of Mengdong Aquarium in Zhengzhou,China

Guest: Mr.Ma, CEO of Shanghai Lihong Koi Farm

Guest: Mr.Lee, CEO of Xinglong Ornamental Fish Aquaculture Co.,Ltd in Zhejiang

Thank you for attending! All seats were full.

Let’s toast to the bottom to celebrate the joy

Winner of Lucky Drawer-2,000 RMB Coupon

Enjoy the beauty of dancing for entertainment.

The dancers added up to the climax of the banquet.

The establishment of Mountain Tree Intelligent Center

Mountain Tree Team members are at your service

Technology is developing every day, it is a trend that intelligent is benefiting people’s life. We will keep where we are in the first place, persist to develop” Natural, Ecology, and Environmental-friendly” in a smarter and technical way.

Mountain Tree Germany partners

We also boarded our range to the world, sharing the good product to every hobbyist in around the world, let them enjoy the fun with high quality and effective products.

Thank you for all the guests’ attending

Group photo with part of the guests

Hear what our agents comment!

Dong Tingting

Dong Tingting

Agent in Tianjin, China

Our cooperation started in 2010, we witness the growth of Mountain Tree brand from young to strong. Its good quality, marketing strategy, and innovative products helped us to win trusts from lots of customers. We are gaining confidence about Mountain Tree. The future looks bright. We believe that they will do well in the future.

Mr. Lee Yi

Mr. Lee Yi

CEO of Xinglong Ornamental Fish Aquaculture Co.,Ltd in Zhejiang

Mr. Huang is one of my best friends. we often talk to each other and helped each other a lot. Our company witnesses 10 years experience Mountain Tree has gotten. We admire their efforts have put in the koi industry and now Mountain Tree has become a well-known brand in China. Hope we together make a big difference.

We will, keep on working with our initial mind from the past ten years, devote ourselves to serving the aquatic industry.

In the near future, we hope with our effort would make keeping fish more fun and joy.