Mountain Tree World Trip-Taiwan

Unveil the aquatic culture in Taiwan with Mountain Tree Team member.

Distributors from all over the country such as Shanghai, Xinjiang, Shenyang etc, gathered together and joined us traveling to Taiwan for a 8-day-journey.

Mountain Tree World trip Taiwan

Start off from Guangzhou, we flied from Guangzhou to Gaoxiong, Taiwan.


On the first day, we went to Huajin Consultant Co., Ltd to visit their show room in Pingdong.

Moountain Tree World Trip Taiwan

Our team members were very curious about how they keep koi. The person in charge, Ms Zhong Yingying said they use scientific and automated method to control water and make their client enjoy more fun of keep koi.


Next stop is Dajiang Koi Farm. Thanks to Mr Zhuang’s guidence, we are pleased to visit his farm. All his koi are breed and taken care by himself and his wife.

Moountain Tree World Trip TaiwanMoountain Tree World Trip TaiwanMoountain Tree World Trip Taiwan

Moountain Tree World Trip TaiwanMoountain Tree World Trip TaiwanMoountain Tree World Trip Taiwan

Thanks to Ms Zhong’s effort, we were very pleased to visit Chengmei Cultural Park, which has hundreds of history.


Mountain Tree World Trip (5)

It was built by Wei’s family, and renewed few years ago, is now open to public to visit who has made reservation.

Chengmei Cultural Park Mountain Tree Taiwan visit

Koi make this histolic scenery alive. Owning to Ms Zhong’s help, both the garden water and koi condition is going well.

Arowana breeding base in Taiwan


After several hours’ travel, we arrived at Zhanghua, the exquisite stringray breeding base.

We met with Cheyu Wu, the owner of MIT.

Moountain Tree World Trip Taiwan

Cheyu Wu(right),  Fische Jiang(middle)

Let’s enjoy his amazing stingray.

Then we went to visit another man. He did a great job, which made his home stingray’s home. Nearly 60% space of his house was transformated into fish tank for stingray.


The other day after 1 hour’s drive, we came to the biggest stingray breeding base in Taiwan-Zongcai Stingray Factory in Taibei.

Have you ever seen such a big amount of stingray before?


The aquatic and ornamental fish industry in Taiwan has grown fast in past few decade. But the education never stops, which have paved ways for the growing of aquatic industry.


We arrived at Yai-Tai Aquaculture Center of PABP and were deeply admire the combination of government and public association and school.

There are lots of interesting thing to discover in Taiwan. Even though it took us a long time to travel from one city to another, from one place to another place, it is worthy when we saw those things we never seen in China mainland.

Such as flourescent fish, pet and fish supermarkets, and the amazing museum-Chimei.Moountain Tree World Trip Taiwan

flourescent fish

We also visited pet and fish supermarket

Mountain Tree World Trip Pet supermarket in Taiwan (1) Mountain Tree World Trip Pet supermarket in Taiwan (1)

Plant aquarium is becoming very popular in Taiwan

Moountain Tree World Trip Taiwan

Qimei Museum, one of the largest museum in the world.


We shall hereby say much thank you to Ms Zhong and Fische.

Looking forward to visit Taiwan again.

Hope our next trip will see you soon.


25th Holland Koi Show -Mountain Tree World Trip

25th Holland Koi Show

Date 18, 19 and 20 August 2017

  • Holland Koi Show

Every year, the Nishikigoi Association of the Netherlands organizes the Holland Koi Show. This is the size and number of visitors the biggest show in the world! At this show, the most beautiful koi is exhibited. Koi who belong to the top of Europe. Participants are hobbyists and traders. Not only from the Netherlands but also from the rest of Europe. The N.V.N. has many years of experience with the show of koi.



  • What do Holland Koi Show show?

The Holland Koi Show has become the most important exhibition of koi in Europe and far beyond. In addition to the amazingly colored and impressive big koi, there is much more to experience. You can orientate yourself to the most advanced techniques in the pond area. All products with the koi hobby are available in the many stands.

  •  What else besides koi show

But that’s not all! Workshops are held and demonstrations about the keeping and treatment of koi. Of course, there is a lot of attention to Japanese culture. You will be able to enjoy artwork, apparel, and Japanese drums.

  • Mountain Tree , brought their newest water filtration system to show the hobbyists in Netherlands and all around Europe, which especially suitable for pond and garden water filtration. Its innovated designs drew much attention and received many good feedbacks.
  • For more information about the filtration, please feel free to write to us.

Mountain Tree Booth attracted much attention.

Featured high efficiency, convenient and worry-free, Mountain Tree filter media and new filtration systems worth koi hobbyists a try.

  •  Where is the Holland Koi Show

Arcen Castle, you could see all this took place in the beautiful surroundings of the Kasteeltuinen. You can admire beautiful pond areas.

There are beautiful (water) gardens that are modeled on different world cultures. Definitely worth the effort!

The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in the koi world. Not only because of the Holland Koi Show. Many innovations in the hobby originate in Netherlands.

  •  What we got from the show

From this trip, we not only got experienced from the koi, but made many friends who also love koi. Hope that through our efforts, will make the hobbyists have a good use of our filter media in their pond. Enjoy more fun.

Let’s review some of the show with you:


Professional judges

The trophy to the championship.

Beautiful Koi

Lecture at the show, it is really helpful for those who are new to koi.


25th holland koi show