Sucessful ZNA So Cal Chapter 43rd Annual Koi Show

Sucessful ZNA So Cal Chapter 43rd Annual Koi Show

Mountain Tree

Mountain Tree ZNA So Cal Annual Koi Show


Place: Gardena Civic Centre Complex, Los Angeles, United State

Period: March 18-19,2017

This year, we went to the USA to broaden our horizons, meet with koi hobbyists, and share the joy which koi bring.

We, as a sponsor, took part in the 43rd Annual Koi show, which was held in Gardena Civic Centre Complex borganized y ZNA Southern California Chapter.

As one of the members of ZNA, Southern California Chapter began as one of the

US extensions located in Los Angeles, California.

Aiming at providing a means for people who have an interest in keeping koi to come together and share their passion with each other,

the chapter has run for more than 40 years and some of its members have kept koi for over 50 years.

Every year, around March 18th, special events will be scheduled, such as the annual open koi auction,

annual open koi show, koi show judging, and judge’s commentaries.

The first day was the annual open koi show and judging. At the very beginning, Alan Stein, the present

chairman of the club, announced the beginning of the show by introducing the judges: Erwin Santos, Mike Frady,

Eiichi Nakano, Junichi Kayano, and Larry Christenson, to name a few.

Two of the judges had come directly from Japan to judge the show.

After this came a wonderful Japanese drum performance.

The drummers wore Japanese style costumes and they enjoyed playing the drums to the music.

Due to good sunshine, there were many hobbyists from around the area came with their younger and older families.


Look at their scales and flakes.



Most of the koi that took part in the show were beautiful koi of Japanese offspring, while many of them were from local breeders and hobbyists.

We showed the local hobbyists how our filtration and media works, and a flood of them stopped by our booth and enquired.


By presenting our filter media to the hobbyists, we helped them to understand what our ecosystem

will do to help their koi, and they said they were willing to try the filter media.

They were excited to tell us that they like to keep koi, which makes them happy.


At 6pm, the Awards Banquet began. Everyone at the banquet enjoyed the meal, and shared the joy of winning awards.

The awarding ceremony

Judge’s commentaries

One of the winner(right)

A big harvest

Picture with Alan(Chairman)

Mountain Tree wish all goes well with ZNA So Cal Chapter!

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