Are you ready for koi fry season? Mountain Tree Spawning Brush helps you increase the eggs survival rate. 


Every year around April to May, it is the best season for koi to fry. Outdoor ponds are the ideal place to raise them.

But in artificial ponds, such as concrete or plastic ponds, survival rate may be low at 67.83%, according to “Aquaculture International,” published in 2006 December.

The major reason may due to there are not sufficient soft straw or read leaf to them to hatch. When it comes to koi eggs and their tiny koi fry, the survival rate in a pond can be quite slim.


Here are steps to do to:
1. Select female and male koi 2:1

Pick the mature female koi and male koi. A female koi fish will lay about 100,000 eggs per kilogram of weight.

2. Pre-disinfect water

To increase survival rate, the pond water was not only high in concentration of Dissolved Oxygen (D02) but of high percentage saturation values which are favorable for breeding of fish.

3. Gather the Koi Eggs

They’ll lay the eggs randomly throughout the pond, on the surface of the pond and on any available attachments, it can be hard to gather them up.

If you leave the eggs in the pond, some will be eaten by the adult fish and some of the eggs will survive.

In this case, you may consider using a spawning brush.

4. Spawning Brush

Spawning Brush will let female fish lay their eggs in a specific place in a habitat. Once the eggs are laid, you can collect the spawning brush and place it in a separate aquarium or you can leave it as is to let the eggs hatch naturally.


Advantages of using Spawning Brush

– The spawning brush will protect the eggs, increasing the survival rates.

– An easy way for your female koi to deposit eggs and collect eggs.

– You can easily to hang the brush by threading both ends of the loops.

5. Hatching the Eggs

If you’re using spawning Brush and plan to remove the eggs to cultivate them in a rearing aquarium, keep a close eye on your female fish. When you notice the eggs have been deposited, remove the brush and replace it in a 100-gallon aquarium just deep enough that the surface of the water is 2 inches above the top of the brush. Use an air stone on the surface of the tank to aerate the water, which will help provide oxygen to the eggs. Maintain the water between 68 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme temperatures can cause fry to have physical deformities. After about five days, the eggs will start to hatch.
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