Founded in 2005 year, located in Foshan city. Now it owns over 100 culturing farm. Cover an area over 55 acres and 45 ponds of koi selling farm with weight 10-138 tons of water.

The filtration system is made up of Mountain Tree Screw Bacteria House and Screw Filter Mat . On the surface that exposed to the sun are full of algae while there are beneficial bacteria inside the media and decomposed nitrate and nitrite efficiently.


The Koi Autumn Auction on Nov 8,2015, which is the most welcomed auction ever since. There were over 200 aquarists take part in the auction.


The filtration of Koi-selling pond apply with Mountain Tree filters -Mountain Tree Screw Filter Mat,Mountain Tree Screw Bacteria House,Mountain Tree Filter Brush.


Mountain Tree Screw Filter Mat is fully function- culturing nitrobacteria. Screw filament floss structure makes filter mat divert water flow, lengthen the time of contact between water and filter media.


Mountain Tree Screw Bacteria House
Screw structuring strength : has more larger specific surface to culture bacteria, let water go through the surface of bacteria house to create more bubbles for more oxygen dissolving.


Professional makes perfect.Mountain Tree filter media