Mountain Tree Activate Carbon


Mountain Tree, creating natural and ecological beauty


The mesh bag package allows you to use and maintain it conveniently,

so you can just take out from the box and rinse the dust off.


Rinse it under tap water for a few seconds, and then place it in the high flow area of the sump.

You can wash it and expose to the sun to reuse.


The iodine rate is more than 600milligrams per gram, higher than average.

Therefore, it is proven to have stronger absorption as you will find the water will be clear.


Thanks to its rich pores structure, it is easier to absorb and remove heavy metals,

then dissolve organic compounds and purify water into crystal clear.


Active carbon is commonly used in fresh and marine water tank.


They can absorb smells, odors, and pollution compounds quickly.


So it is an ideal solution for contaminated water smell and odor caused by accidental.