Mountain Tree Filter Brush system


Mechanical and Physical filtration Filter Brush

A common but has dramatic effecient filter media which is widely used in koi pond filtration, sump filtration, water treatment etc.


The filter brushes are widely used in filtration system such as fish farms, public aquarium, Koi pond and backyard garden pond and so on.

Filter brush is still one of the cheapest and most effective mechanical filter media available, which are widely use and tested over the world.
















How is the brush work for in a filtration?

If you don’t have a pre-filter or wet/dry separation or precipitate chamber in your sump, then filter brush will be great help.

In sump, you will need filter brushes to put in the first chamber or apply brushes in every filtration chamber.

When water is sucked up into filtration chamber, filter brush helps to block up fish waste and food waste,which be will trapped into filaments along with the water current.

So it will become easier for the biochemical filtration work better.

trap debris along with water current go through













Filter brush in sump

Filter brush carry bacteria
















Large particulates will be cut off by high density fibers and then it get accumulation.



Why cross shaped? Why Mountain Tree Filter Brush so special?

Thanks to its tough surface, even tiny decomposed waste can be also trapped.The x- cross shape structure increases the surface of the single thread considerably.

At least 4 times adherability created, which also increases the bio filter brush 4 times adherability surface increases than single thread.

Mountain Tree unique cross shaped fibers












Comparasion table




















How does filter brush effect in filtration?

Good bacteria gets better shelter in the coarse surface then it comes to bio filtration.

Bacteria can shelter in the brush and bacteria do the rest for you.



Mountain Tree Cross Filter Brush carrying bacteria













” 5 Reasons for why Mountain Tree Cross Filter Brush is recommended

♦ EASY TO USE: Initiative draw hook on top, it is easy to install make maintenance very easy.

Mountain Tree patented draw hook















♦ NON TOXIC FILAMENT: using environmental material,which will not do harm to fish or release harmful substance to water, keep water clean and fish health.

♦ Tested of RoHS by SGS approve of safe material to use in your aquarium.The sharp edge of the filament will cut off bulbs for oxygen dissolution into water.



Mountain Tree Cross filter brush SGS test report
















♦HIGH EFFECTIVE IN BACTERIA CULTURING: Unique cross shape filaments enlarge surface area and it’s 4 times

better than normal filaments.Transform NH3,NH4+ NH2into non-toxic nitrate. The ability of adsorption is obviously

strengthened and provides a massive surface area for biological colonization



♦ HAS BOTH MECHANICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL EFFECT: Will block fish manure, remove quite small solids and

will prevent blanket weed and other detritus from passing through to the biological stage of your filter.



♦ DUEABLE : Standard 304/316 stainless steel, priority grade of corrosion resisting, not easy to wear out over times under normal situation.



High density filament and standard stainless steel



















Direction of use

  1. Before you put the brush in the tank, please rinse with water.
  2. Brushes can be placedin the overflow filtration of aquariumsump, side filtration, mechanical chamber etc.
  3. Install Mountain Tree Filter Brush straightly in the box, make sure that brushes are totally sink in water.





1. We suggest you clean Mountain Tree Square Brush once half a year. It depends on size of your tank and pond.

2.When a significant amount of waste has built up on the brushes, it should be flushed away.

3.Keep an eye on it every month and the frequency depends on the size of your tank or pond.

With our Mountain Tree Initiative brush hook head helps you more convenient to install and maintain.