Monitoring & control systems for fish farms,aquaculture and pond.

In every farm or koi pond, there are lots of procedures and parameters that need to be controlled and regulated.

Fish farm owners are facing one of these problems:
  • Water testing 1-3 times a day to monitoring water condition;
  • Spot checking at least 1-3 times a day;
  • Feed 1-3 times a day;
  • Problems expose until a large scale  fish die;
  • Water and electricity bills are high;
  • Production yields are low.
  • ……

A large scale of fish die (# picture quote from the internet.)

Large koi fish farm requires lots of regular maintenance.

Why problems happen?
  • Technicians are not easy to hire and workers are not professional to do the spot tests.
  • No tools to help to improve spot checking efficiency.
  • Feeding is based on experience.
  • You can’t always keep an eye on your farm.
  • A kind of disease doesn’t come with a sign.
  • Pumps and oxygen aeration keeps running all the time.
  • Water quality hasn’t come to its best.

We offer the complete monitoring and control solution for your farm.


  • Save time, money, and labor— Reduces spot-checking rounds, automates aerator control.

  • Mitigate risks— Automated real-time alerts reduce the risk of fish kills.

  • Increase yields– Online real-time monitoring lets you optimize feed ratios while minimizing fish stress, disease, and mortality.

  • Low maintenance Self-cleaned sensors reduce maintenance frequency.

  • Easy to set up and configure Designed easy installation, just plug and play.

Site inspection

Site: One of the biggest Foshan koi farm

Pond total volume: over 4000+ tons


1.  Site checking every day and change water upon experience without executing water quality testing.

2. Workers are not professional when giving chemical treatments such as chlorine dioxide, henceforth cause deaths of koi which value over 8 million yuan.

3. The site can’t be without the owner’s presence because of his important role in management.

  • Temperature
  • DO(Dissolved Oxygen)
  • DO(%)
  • Turbidity
  • Conductivity
  • pH
  • ORP
  • NH4
  • NH3
  • Chlorine
  • 21.597℃
  • 9.377mgl
  • 1.067%
  • 1.463NTU
  • 0.012s/m
  • 8.337
  • -74.857mV
  • 0.013ppm
  • 0.001ppm
  • 0.059ppm

Site: Jiangmen villa pond, one of the best-equipped ponds in China

Pond total volume:  150+ tons


1.  Well-designed equipment by the owner and no worries about water quality.

2.  Changing water of 10 tons everyday.

3. He’s looking forward to having one set monitoring in his pond.

Mr Yang

I’ve never used any testing tools to measure the pond water quality. Thank you for Mountain Tree showed me such a high-tech analytical system. I am sure this would greatly improve koi farm efficiency. I’d like to have a shot.

Mr YangOwner of the koi farm
Mr Lu

I am very impressed by the Mountain Tree Intelligent System. Mountain Tree never lets me down in terms of product quality. This system would help me a lot in saving the bills.

Mr LuOwner of the garden

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